Software Testing, is no longer reactive, but a process of continuous uncovering, discovering and evolving and become critical to an organization’s success in today’s world of technology transformation.

Eveear’s state of the art Quality Engineering methodology factors in the business need for speed to market, changing requirements,  and distributed agile development. At Eveear, we boast of our capabilities to provide end-to-end service testing competencies across a range of industries and products. Our robust Quality Assurance and testing studio provides a one stop shop for of testing services to organizations creating business applications and software products.

Our Tech Crew has the necessary expertise in various testing types, including functional, reliability, performance and maintainability, enabling us to deliver truly comprehensive QA service. We also do not shy to go to the market and hire additional resources to ensure our client’s objectives are timely achieved.

Our specialists have extensive technology testing experience, from simple applications to complex cross-platform software, software complexes and embedded systems.

Re-defining Quality Engineering

Performance Testing

Automation Testing

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A crucial part to an organization’s success in today’s world of technology transformation