Innovation, agility and quick turnaround

Eveear Technologies Inc. is a rapidly growing Global Technology Services Company, headquartered in San Francisco Bay Area, California. Co-founded by veterans in IT Services segment and Venture-backed, Eveear is rapidly growing to become a leading global technology services provider with strong customer portfolio and references.

Every member of Eveear embodies a strong set of core beliefs:

  • Outcome over Output: Focus on delivering the right outcome instead of ‘how much’ to deliver
  • Starting is important, but Finishing is the key: Focus on fewer, key initiatives and drive them to completion before taking on new endeavors.
  • Craftsmanship: Commitment to sound practices, discipline and detail.
  • Continuous Improvement: Focus on improvement through analysis and realization of that which can help the most; demand for openness and creativity from self and others.

Our vision “Mutual success for our clients, external and internal”

We only demonstrate value – by listening to your ideas, your challenges and your vision and work in partnership to exceed the set objectives. Our commitment to quality and timely delivery sets us different from our competition, and we always keep our promises.

At Eveear, we only make lives simple, for our clients, our partners and ourselves….Execution and Delivery is our DNA….

Why Eveear

WE BELIEVE that delivering best-in-class agile experience to our customers should not cost them a hand and a leg. Don’t believe us? – Let us show you how …

We are a group of highly motivated IT enthusiasts, with betterment of our clients in our hearts. We love to make life of our client’s simple.

  • We are experts in Agile Technologies
  • We save money for our clients
  • We help to build your team, cost effectively
  • We bring combined management experience of 100 years
  • We are flexible that allow you to quickly up-scale or down-scale to meet your needs