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Today’s Supply Chain platform includes a multi-channel, cost-effective and convenient logistics, fleet management and transportation solutions which are cornerstones of modern businesses and economies, including Large-scale Construction Projects and Companies, Retail & E-commerce, City-Transportation, etc making fleet management one of most critical aspects to improve productivity, optimize operations and contribute positively towards the social aspects such as driver management. To this, adding process concepts such as Poka-Yoke and Just-In-Time (JIT) to various aspects of modern construction, manufacturing, distribution and many other industries, necessitates technology solutions to augment swift decision making.

Eveear’s Fleet Management frameworks and accelerators are customizable, plug & play, intelligent and advanced technology solutions, to track and process dynamic information that  leads to achieving a more timely operation, efficient allocation and utilization of the fleet, and satisfaction of customer requests. Eveear’s solution provides valuable support to Decision Makers and Project Managers – on known and unknown tasks and circumstances, operate essentially in a demand-responsive mode in real-time to handle them as effectively as possible.  The deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems technologies and Moble-Apps opens up the possibility of enhanced customer service and increased productivity by re-routing vehicles in real-time to serve new requests.

Eveear’s Solution Accelerator is Web and Mobile based, allows easy management and tracks everything for the fleet – vehicles, permanent and pool vehicle assignments, maintenance, mileage logging, fuel usage, accidents tracking, Email Trigger Events, Fault Notifications, Maintenance, System Admin, Panic Management, Vehicle/Fleet Administration, Driver Management, Directional Push-pins, and much more.


In today’s modern, disruptive and fast evolving times, we all come across areas where legal documents in institutions like Banks, FIs, Trade, Legal Services, etc are very document intensive, where loads and loads of paper is printed, faxed, scanned, reprinted at every step of processing,  reviewing, validating, storing and retrieval over the life cycle of any important document.

We at Eveear, understand the pains around such processes – both for organizations and its customers, especially where there is no standard document format, and every document is visibly different from each other. This became the genesis Eveear’s Document Digitalization and Automation Accelerators that brings customizable plug and play solutions, combined with machine learning, Artifical Intelligence and omnichannel capture (web, scan, fax, paper, Mobile, Emails, XML), ensuring collection, recognition, transformation and validation – bringing efficiencies into the documentation heavy operations like Mortgage, Trade Ops, Customer Onboarding, Account Opening and many other areas.


Ask a bank or a corporation about their experience on opening a global account and one will explain their challenges and ordeals. One of the biggest challenges of fast-paced global corporations and banking industry is to keep up with the global regulatory environment and create a positive experience for its clients.

Eveear brings technology and its deep banking experience to consult banks and clients navigate through this tedious journey of global account opening, across multiple continents, countries and regulations. GAOD stands for Global Account Opening and Documentation bringing our deep understanding and methodologies, helps define a process that promotes collaboration, delivering fast, and reduce extraneous manual paperwork and automates the process – delivering value and superior experience to our clients.


The Treasury function in any corporate has always been important in making sure that the business has sufficient liquidity to meet its obligations, whilst managing payments, receipts and financial risks effectively. A superior treasury operation is where technology is effectively leveraged to drive improvements in the Purchase-To-Pay and Order-To-Cash cycles, leaving a direct effect on the overall debt and investment requirements and thus on the capital structure required in the business.

Eveear leverages its industry experience and brings technology consultants that work as a catalyst to transform your treasury operations into a profit center. Our methodologies and services help our clients to integrate their treasury platforms with ERPs/CRMs and bank systems, thereby unlocking liquidity, reducing processing costs, reducing implementation timelines and enhancing shareholder value of your organization.


What do relatively young companies have in common? Each started out in a tech accelerator that provided the fuel and catalysts for growth, and opportunity to to realize the full potential of their ideas.

With more than half of all startups imploding two to five years after inception, accelerator and incubator programs provide young startups and willing investors with a medium to combine what they have to offer each other.

At Eveear, we are here to make you successful. We provide a robust ecosystem to intelligent minds and hard working souls and opportunity to make it big. Simply put, we open our ecosystem, know-how, mentoring and an atmosphere to nurture your idea into the next big success.

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