Eveear's Banking Practice

Banking is fast evolving amidst pressured margins, increased regulatory costs, ever evolving client base. A typical bank has various distributed, legacy, modern applications and equally distributed demographic user base of internal and external customers. While some organizations have indeed figured out the Holy Grail of achieving a very robust and flexible continuous technological development culture, but many still remain a FarCry and struggling to remain relevant.

There still exists little gaps of development all over the various distributed systems in Investment, Commerical, Transaction Banking, Compliance, Risk, Branch and Wealth Management, which are important but too small for the Big  Services players to pay attention to.

Next comes the challenge of having a success partner who really understands the current banking environment, new payment ecosystems, disruptions and innovative technologies, and can walk the talk – yet is nimble to the subtle temperature points.

Now comes, the question to hire FTEs for a short duration project or a thought leadership partner who is ready to take up all these small pieces and tie them up together, has an eye on the big picture and remains available to support, enhance and build.

This is the where Eveear comes in.


Our Banking engagements comprises of Eveear’s team comprised of seasoned technologists, bankers and ex-CIOs combined with System Architects, Quality Testers, Project Manager and Application Developers, to not only complete the feasibility, conduct customized development  but are able to bring  long-term value based partnerships to our client’s doorsteps.

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