“Technological innovations and a hyper-connected world have significantly influenced consumer behaviors and expectations. As a result, retailers are faced with a scary reality: change or become obsolete.” – Forbes

Consumers seek instant gratification, products, merchandise, home-delivery, low cost and so much more. New rules of Retail and E-commerce industry are being written. The lines between retail and e-commerce are blurring with more tech-savvy consumers and millennials transacting when they want, what they want and how they want. With rising costs and margins under pressure, retailers and e-commercers are deploying disruptive ways in design, manufacturing, advertising, logistics, sales, customer retention, distribution and inventory management.

This is leading a change in the Industry becoming much more sophisticated in how they predict demands and leverage physical and virtual channels to get the competitive edge. Eveear’s Retail and E-commerce solutions are targeted to bridge the gap in online and in-store presence, marketing, supply chain, transportation and overall buyer experience in our client’s hands. We deliver solutions that bring top line growth and improve the shareholder value. An enriching shopping experience, creating a “Moment of Truth”, customer acquisition, retention and raising switching costs are a few things that forms the very thread of our solutions.

Eveear’s Accelerators and Frameworks brings customizable plug and play solutions ensuring swift deployment of enterprise solutions in areas of Supply Chain Management, Vehicle/Delivery Management, Inventory Management, Purchasing, Payroll, Sales, etc.

We help customers compete and win in the new world.

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Technology is set to change Banks and Financial Service institutions from the way they hire personnel, write credit, conduct transactions, document, internet and mobile connectivity, service customers, data mine, cyber security, interact with auditors and regulators and last but not the least interact with its clients. Instead of learning on the job or by reading manuals, bank employee training will be assisted with highly visual content and requires a paradigm shift.

Eveear’s experience in Banking and Financial Service institutions is targeted to help its clients understand, design, develop, test, adopt, maintain and continuously improvise to proactively differentiate in a highly competitive and regulated environment. We help our clients to stay ahead in the rapidly changing Financial Ecosystem, by leveraging our “Agile Methodology” and reduce cost to be more effective at your core business.

Eveear’s Document Digitalization and Automation Accelerators and Frameworks brings customizable plug and play solutions, where Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence and Omnichannel capture ensures swift deployment across document intensive areas of Banks.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations face tough regulatory, technological, and operational challenges. Frequently, the industry is nearly arm-twisted to invest in continuous technological improvements, leading to a distraction from focusing on core business such as patient care, drug discovery and clinical trials.

The industry is proactively preparing to optimize digital channels to connect patients and providers across the healthcare ecosystem, thereby improving engagement, awareness, and health outcomes.

Eveear in-depth knowledge brings innovative technology solutions across your environment that meets regulatory alterations, implementation and design of effective business models, employment of data, analytics, and technology in day-to-day business operations.

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Until recently, there was a clear recipe for success in media and digital: multiple revenue streams, scarce distribution outlets, and distinct exploitation windows – PwC.

With Cost structures under pressure, advertisers demanding more accountability, value of content and distribution, online, mobile and social media’s increasing global presence, gigabits of data, coupled with demographic vastness, the opportunities and challenges, often present themselves together.

Eveear’s Media and Digital experts help you with a unique mix of domain, consulting and technology expertise. We provide full service IT capabilities – From Vision to deployment to support and continuous improvement of your technology architectures helping you stay ahead of industry trends.


A high volume industry, with a complex environment of brokers, transportation, lodging or other services, has seen a big shift from the increase in global travelers to demands to travel to newer, unique and farther places, often crossing the cultural and language barriers.

We help travel, transportation and hospitality clients manage revenue cost equations, operate existing businesses effectively and build new transformation programs, including loyalty management solutions. Our solutions serve the entire value chain of the industry. With new breed of entrepreneurs entering into this sector using technology as its backbone, the need for a responsible technology partner to monetize the evolving trends is very highly critical.

Eveear’s team consults and develops customized solution that helps your company better serve the needs of your increasingly tech-savvy customers and remain competitive at a time of near-constant innovation. We pride ourselves to delivery-automated platforms that increase customer interaction, optimize business processes and integrate multiple channels to sieve the relevant reports and analytics, thereby better decision making.


Education is very broad and complex sector with many participants including education institutions, students, parents, teachers, community and technology. The technology needs for the education sector today ranges from maximizing institution wide efficiencies, accelerate research and development and improve learning. The developments in the interactive teaching methodologies are revolutionizing the way students learn today and it is no longer limited to white-boards and classrooms.

With new cloud-based technology, students, parents and teachers can interact, learn and teach from practically anywhere in the world. Students socialize, communicate and collaborate online and exchange information and ideas 24×7.

To meet these needs of the education sector, Eveear’s focus on technology for educations brings together our knowledge and experience to build the best in class solutions.

Eveear’s team consults and develops customized solution that helps institutions better serve the needs of your increasingly tech-savvy parents, students, teachers and facilitators. We pride ourselves to delivery-automated platforms that increase interaction, optimize processes and integrate multiple channels to an adaptive learning experience.


Publishing Industry is one of the oldest and biggest industries in the world and consists of newspapers, magazines, books, journals over web and mobile. The changes in technology and demographics is creating opportunities for all the web and mobile as emerging channels.

To cope with the increasing demand for anytime – anywhere content has constantly motivated Eveear to focus on Publishing as a separate industry. Understanding specific challenges, participants and the eco-system of the publishing industry differentiates us from others in the technology world.

We leverage our experience to bring solutions to our clients in this sector, to develop customized solutions to better meet the needs of publishers, marketers, readers and vendors in this business.