Information Security

We take Information Security very seriously


Technology trends such as Digitization, Collaboration, Cloud Computing, Externalization, Internet of Things, are redefining the way in which an enterprise needs to look at Information Security. In this scenario, boundaries are non-existent and conventional approaches adopted for data security are no longer sufficient. With increasing number of cyber-attacks, enterprises need to eliminate or reduce to the extent possible the risk of any data breach.

Eveear enables organizations to develop and implement a security approach that ties security to business goals, prevent existing and new security threats. We provide a comprehensive suite of Information Security services to clients giving them a platform to mitigate risks and challenges, from Security Assurance Assessment to Managed Security Services, cutting across diversified security products, technology and service requirements across all industries.

With the right set of skills and people who have awareness of diversified products and domains, our clients are rest assured that their information security risks are mitigated.

Our mantra "Security First"

Managed Security

Enterprise Security

Security Assurance Assessment

Helping organizations to develop & implement security approach for preventing existing and new security threats.