Managed Support

Increasingly corporations are faced with challenges in harnessing business transformation, efficiency enhancements and enriching customer engagement. Organizations strive to find the right balance between value of investing in stand-alone support operations vs integrated support outsourcing.

At Eveear, we take end-to-end responsibility of your support needs within defined SLA’s, Quality metrics, and Agreed budget. Eveear’s application support services help you get the best out of your existing IT applications. Our support services model includes operational maintenance, support across all three levels: L1, L2, L3, that keep your business running smoothly and without interruption. We use our knowledge management tools and other IP developed by our Support framework to ensure that top notch support services are delivered at all times. 

Managed Support Framework - Updated

Key highlights of our support framework are:.

  • Skilled resources for all leading contact and support center technologies
  • Ability to scale up and ramp down based on your resource requirements
  • Single-point accountability for SLAs and performance requirements
  • Round-the-clock help desk and operations support
  • Health checks and proactive monitoring