Managed Teams & Projects


Eveear partners with its clients either in a Managed Teams or Managed Projects model. We have always worked hand-in-hand with our clients in selecting the right engagement model. We are proud of our several years of experience, and have successfully created a transport and robust suitability matrix to determine the best model. Some of the key factors affecting the selection of best model are:

Project goals and objectives Maturity of the requirements
Priority of the goals Stakeholder participation and commitment
Size and scope of the project Development methodology
  • Managed Projects: We own the project end-to-end and be committed to deliver high quality product within the agreed timeline and budget.
  • Managed Teams: Within defined guiding principles, the effort of the project may change, and either increase or decrease as the project progresses. Eveear would be responsible for delivering quality product with highly skilled technology resources and within the defined timelines, while the effort may vary from the original proposal. Our resource talent pool covers newer and niche technologies, and we provide our clients with the flexibility to quickly ramp up and ramp down resources based on business and project needs.

Each model has its own sets of benefits pros and cons and typically clients are in a dilemma of choosing the appropriate partnering model. Eveear leverages its seasoned Engagement Managers to facilitate this process with the client stakeholders, and enable the client in making the best choice suitable to the project and its needs.